18 and Busty Cikita



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18 and Busty Cikita has some great natural breasts.  When we say great we mean they are big and round and perky.  One of the nice things about being young. When you have big breasts they are not yet a victim of gravity. She has petite curves to go with her top heavy chest and some cute pink nipples and aureola. And too top off the package pretty blue eyes and very pretty long straight blonde hair. This is the complete package if you had to rate her.


18 and Busty Betty



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This cute brunette from 18 and busty named Betty is a cutie.  As she lays on her bed her big natural boobs fall to the side which she tries to support with her arms that are there so her hands can cover her VJ.  She has a little tat on her hips and while it’s not in the tramp stamp spot we all assume there is one there also. She has tan lines but they are not bikini tan lines but more like the result of wearing a one piece.  If you want a better look at the tattoo on her arm you need to click here to get more of her.

18 and Busty Kristall


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18 and Busty Kristall is just another of the beautiful busty teen babes we wanted to show you. There are many more if you go to their site. While Kristall isn’t the most beautiful she does have some of the best boobs ever.  But that depends if you like huge natural boobs. These things are so big they cover up half her stomach.  They look like they might be almost as large as her head.  And that is a description saved usually for silicone busty porn stars not 18 year olds with big natural perky boobs.  The effects of gravity have not yet taken place.  These boobs are simply amazing.

18 and Busty Rita


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Oh busty Rita. All we can say is wow when we look at your pictures.  What a body? You have curves in all the right places and  you look so amazing even with almost no makeup. Some people have all the luck.  And god bestowed some amazing genes on you.  You will probably look just as amazing in a decade when you are a milf.  No wonder milf sites are so popular.  All great milfs start out as great eighteen year olds. One request.  Please don’t be one of those girls that has to change their hair style all the time.  Your long black hair looks great just the way it is.  Don’t change a thing.

18 and Busty Jennifer


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I have not seen Jennifer around before and no where else.  So we felt she should be posted on this blog.  After all having natural 36DD boobs is not all that common.  Of course we like them to be bigger but in this case she has a beautiful young look and a petite but still voluptuous body.  And is another one of those girl next door. So it just seemed fitting.  Is she shy and is that why she is holding her hands behind her back.  Maybe she is covering her ass.  It could be that she is self conscious about her rear but not her breasts.

18 and Busty Nicky


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Nicky is one of the models that absolutely looks like she is eighteen years old. Sometimes I have noticed that busty models have tended to develop faster than their piers. And they are more mature and thus look a little older. While most of the models look like they are in their early twenties most of them do not actually look eighteen. Nicky is the exception to the rule. And with the purple highlights in her hair she probably is your typical teenager about to enter her twenties. Her boobs are not particularly huge but she is a busty babe.

18 and Busty Jay


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While Rosie Jay might not be 18 years old anymore she still is busty.  This is one of the great young busty teens to model in the UK.  Why does the UK have so many great busty babes.  And the good thing is she has her own website.  Take a look at this blog with some free pictures. She has porcelain skin and red hair and a stunning sexy look ala old 40′s Hollywood movie stars. Those stars had curves back then but none of them have them like Jay.

18 and Busty Felicia


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Felicia looks like a girl next door with natural looks and surprise big tits. Of course she has big tits why else would she be here. Love her white lingerie as if it’s her wedding night and she is about to have sex for the first time. What a lucky guy to score a wife with big tits like this. Maybe they grew up living next door to each other and this is actually first love. All the white with the white begging and curtains.  could it be a bridal room in a 5 star resort.  Anyway this is about breasts and Felicia has nice  breasts really nothing else needs to be said.

18 and Busty Eli


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Looks like Eli is becoming the cover girl for this site.  She is on most of the marketing material and on the header above the fold.  And while she might not be super model pretty she does have the best pair of boobs on the site.  A tough reward to offer with so many greats but these boobs are the perfect size.  Not too big and not too small.  If they are too big they just are saggy.  Anyway if you want to see more.  Like Eli videos and more of her but completely naked you have to go to the site and join now.

18 and Busty Anna


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Anna is another one of the cute young ones from 18 and Busty. She does look like a teenager and she has some great perky breasts. Again the really huge breast babes tend to look more mature.  Anna is petite and unbelievable how her breasts just jet off her body like they are not soft and beholding to gravity.  Makes you even wonder if they might actually be fake and her dad is a plastic surgeon and he gave her the best boob job ever on the planet. Maybe some new technology or discovery.  Silicone breasts could they actually look real one day?  Until then we have sites like 18 and Busty to help us get our desire of busty babes filled.